Getting your home wired for internet connection among other things is fast leaving the luxury modes to becoming an essential part of our everyday living. From getting connected for sohos to streaming your favorite movies/news channels, and everything in between, there are many reasons why it's important for homes to 'stay connected'.

Whether you’re planning to build your home network from the ground up or just upgrade it, this handy tips can guarantee you peace of mind.

Wired Vs Wireless

Yes, wireless seems to have become the defacto choice for many people so it's the mode many consider important for homes. Thanks to the cable companies, it's now an automatic switch that comes bundled with most of their devices. But there's also a budding trend about concern for health. Although this has not been proven scientifically, many have seen the wired option as a safety precaution mechanism to always have handy. 

That being said, observe the following five checklist when you are considering upgrading or setting up your home network.

1. Wireless Coverage

Depending on the size of your home, the wireless or wifi coverage to your devices from every corner varies. Traditionally, the cable company's wifi router are located where it is convenient for them (the cable guys) to ensure their equipment have access to power. To make sure you can have adequate access throughout your home, you may need to add access point that can distribute the wireless access more effectively. We have options for ceiling mount and wall mount access point devices that can extend the same connections from your cable company throughout your home.

2. Fixed Devices

Devices like your printer, doorbell/Chime, TV, Alarm, CCTV, Etc are going to be essential part of the your home network eventually even if not now. Making adequate provisions for them could be a smart move. 

3. Network Security

Like you might understand, having unauthorized access into your network can be infuriating even if just to share part or your internet connection which does not cost you additional dollars. Seemingly, an intruder may mean no harm; s/he may just be looking for free internet connection but believe me, you have to take your network privacy serious as many devices in your network can be used against you. Basic security measures does not necessarily cost more dollars, you just need to get the right expert to get it done.

At Grandios Services, we design and install home network without tears. We are well experienced to consider every factors that will guarantee your safety and comfort. Give us a call today!